Rather simple trick which make your apartment look more trendy

I wanna share with you some amazing way to make your apartment to look even better. Tons of us really pay a lot of attention to the building we live in. We spend a lot of money for these highly fashionable furniture and trendy designers, just to make sure that all friends know that we have excellent taste. I am also 1 of those people. I believe that it is very crucial to live in charming place and I usually pay a lot of attention to this. In consequence, I was very excited when I got to know about this awesome new fashion in the field of walls. I believe that you probably wonder what it is, so I will get straight to the point. I am talking about wallpapers.


Autor: Daniele Adami
Źródło: http://www.flickr.com
You presumably heard of them long time ago, in the time when you were still a child. I also remember that I had this really ugly yellow wallpaper in the room. And I know that I hated that. Consequently, it is so necessary to make it clear that wallpapers nowadays look totally different that it used to look before. At this moment, they are simply amazing. They are no only plain no more. Instead of small patterns, they have these amazing photos on them, that can be a really good piece of art themselves – . They look very good. And such wallpaper not only make your flat to be more trendy, but also can manipulate with the inferior. E.g., if there is no window in your bathroom, you might choose wallpaper with the pic of window on this. It looks so realistic that a lot of your guest might think it is an actual window! I am going to give you also different examples. In my apartment I have very small corridor. In consequence, made up my mind to use there staircase wallpaper.Thanks to this, my corridor look much more spacious!

rustykalny salon

Autor: Roman Boed
Źródło: http://www.flickr.com
Nonetheless, while choosing wallpapers you don’t have to be so practical. You can also go creative. E.g., in my kitchen there is that long wall. I never were convinced what to do with this. I was trying to put plenty of pictures on that but I don’t think it ever looked as good as I wished. Last month made a decision to put coffee wallpaper on it. At this moment, a lot of men and women that visit me say that this wallpaper is so realistic that they can actually feel the smell of espresso! It is very nice, believe me!